Sunday, August 30, 2009

I feel bored today.. Hmmm.. after my mum chased us out of the house, we became more independent.. I love my husband more.. but i have this feeling he still cheats on me.. i can't accuse but to wait till the time comes.. he still hit me sometimes.. but wat can i do?? i feel near yet far.. wat is this?? he said i irritate him sometimes.. damn.. i feel so like shit sia.. like today, his break time is 2hr.. not even a sec he called to check on me.. infact, he have never checked on me at all.. only i'm the one who's keep on calling.. understand he;s using prepaid.. but don tell me, that to waste just 10cents on me is hard for him.. god, wtf am i goin through?? who am i with now?? my husband / or stranger?? arhgg.. forget boput it.. as long as i son get to find out again that he cheats on me.. bloody hurts..

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