Saturday, December 12, 2009

Is this a necessary heartache?

Yesterday night my husband wen out and didnt go home while at work.. He is definitly taking advantage of my night shift and do things that may hurt me.. He don seem to care abt it at all. Gosh.. how long more will this end? Today it ZOUK OUT!!! now i'm at work.. while i a was getting ready for work, my husband is totally asleep in front of my eye.. I dono if that is TRUE.. cos i have this feeling he will go out tonight.. Allah pls help me.. do something that he will regret cos i'm putting myself a commitment to family an di do hope he will too.. get him a job so he can help me in some financial support. sigh..

Friday, December 11, 2009

i miss my papa.. papa is in prison.. i dono la.. headache uh.. allah pls give this family some blessings.. haizzz... my husband.. he is nice now.. tomorrow uncertain.. pls give me hope to move on..

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

I donno if this is wat i wan.. He make me sick.. Made me feel guilty of things that i suppose i didn't do. Y does it have to be me?? What is in facebook that makes him say things that i don even know and wants me to find out my own mistake myself.. Arrgghh!! Full of nonsense.. Partly is my fault to engage myself to a married life with someone that is NEVER prepared to be a husband.. So far, I've been a faithful wife.. Since the marriage happens, i've never cheated on him or go out with someone else..

I'm 8days late right now.. Hopefully not gonna be pregnant.. I don wan my kids ggrowing up to know that his father is irresponsible, tempermental.. asshole!!!