Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Today, i'm all alone.. My husband went for his school camping and will be back in 2 days time.. I feel unsecure (always).. Trying to maintain my emos.. Cos in the morning before he goes off, i called his few times to check on his status.. Hoping he wld cancel the trip.. But out of anger he said tome, " Pls stop being so controlling freak. I'm only gone for 2days and you were already like a mad women." I paused and hang up on him. I move on today without continue to think abt him and now i did. I try to keep myself motivated by listening to the 'Miss Independent' song by Ne-yo.. I'm too in love with my husband and seeing myself being unsecure.. I need help to control my emotions for him.. I tried to ignore him but i can't.. anyway, I did.. And i will try again.

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