Friday, June 5, 2009

Back to normal

Its been quite a long time that i didn't write.. Haiz.. Recently, there's lot of unneccesary problems happening while yan in school. I hope non of this will happen again.. Let me tell the story... This all happen not just because of misunderstandings.. This all is because money, less time together n miscommunication.. I love my husband alot.. He is schooling.. Few times i happen to caught him 'cheating' on me which he denies.. Nobody admits their mistake UNLESS they were caught red handed n had no choice but to admit..

I caught him smsing a girl.. Nurul.. Not only once but few times.. He said she's just a schoolmate.. I doubt it.. Because, a schoolmate would have something important to talk about at 2am in the morning.. It hurts cos i'm his wife.. I've been so patientwith him as for our daughter and my love sake.. My daughter will see us for above..

Second.. He had Gonorhhea!!!! That is STUPID... He fucked girls outside.. He claims that he fucked that girl about 8mths before his symptoms occurs.. Which is unlogic!! Cos i got the symptom a few days after we had sex while he is having his 'sickness'.. I didn't suspect anything.. But it became worst few days after.. He urines BLOOD!!! n having yellow discharge.. Then i start to suspect.. It hurts more.. Shit.. Wat the fuck man?? Having this sickness is fast infected as i made a research.. It occurs between 2 to 7 days after intercourse.. He fooled me.. Nevermind its ok.. I'm not ready to move on without him.. I'll be patient.. Fuck.. This is humiliating, unfaithful, disgusting, annoying, frustrating n more 'ings'....

Two days ago as i came back from night shift in the morning i saw this beautiful 'present' caught my eye as i thought my husband bought for me as an apology.. I don't really expect a present but i would be so happy if he do so.. As he about to go to work.. I asked who's the present for?? It seem so beautiful from outside it.. First he said it is from his colleague at his part time job!! Then.. He suddenly changed it.. Said it actually for me..

I was very happy indeed.. OMG!! A present for me.. As he went out to work.. I opened the present.. N i found a shocking truth that is not for me.. It's a MEN body lotion n cologne!! WTF!!! I'm hurt again.. In a nice packaging?? A MEN's body care?? I suspected.. N everyone WILL assume the same thing.. FROM A GIRL!!! He denies again.. He gave me a 'fairy tale'.. He said the day before after work his MALE classmate (Yusri) made a bet out of his date of birth.. (???)
N he won.. So his 'fren' bought the Body Shop for MEN n the item happens to come with a nice packaging.. A red ribbon n a lime green box?? As what i know that Body Shop will not pack it in a 'nice' way UNLESS that person asked for it.. Get wat I mean? Sound so STUPID.. Thinking I'm a kid.. HEY GROW UP!!! I'M YOUR WIFE!!!

Arrggghhh!!! He denies it till now.. Its Like WATEVER!!!! I don fuck care.. Ya i'll just shut up.. N be patient.. But in my heart.. It is torn to peaces... Allah.. Please give faith to me to go through all hardships.. I wan2 be a loyal n faithful waife to him.. Allah.. Please open his heart make him realise wat his doing now.. I love him n wan2 have his kids again.. He is the only man that i love.. Please answer my prayers Allah...

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